PH.D. STUDENT POSITIONS may be available in fall 2016 in the group of Igor Bargatin, Class of 1965 Term Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM). Prospective students must have an interest in micro/nano fabrication and characterization as well as simulations of mechanical, electrical or optical systems. The research will involve fabrication and testing of novel types of energy transducers, in particular, new types of and thermionic energy converters and novel types of mechanical metamaterials. If you are an interested prospective student, please contact Prof. Bargatin by email ( before applying to MEAM Ph.D. program. Please include a CV and a list of courses taken with grades (transcript) in your email.

Note that Prof. Bargatin will review all such materials but will respond only to those who have appropriate background to pursue a PhD in his group, encouraging them to apply. If you do not receive any response, it means that you do not have an appropriate background to work in our group.

Micro/nano fabrication will be done in the newly established Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology, and the testing work in MEAM laboratories or in collaboration with researchers at other departments. Penn’s main campus is located minutes away from downtown Philadelphia and half way between New York City and Washington, DC.